Callebaut 10kg Ruby Chocolate Easimelt 47.3%

10.0 kg

Ruby chocolate is made from ruby cocoa beans with the colour and tone all-natural. It has an intense natural berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. They come as tiny buttons that aid preparation for tempering or just adding in their solid form to baking. These high-quality Callebaut Belgian chocolate chips are perfect for; chocolate fountains, cakes, desserts, baking, decoration, chocolate fondues, making chocolates, enrobing and mould making.

Product Description: Callebaut Ruby Chocolate Easimelt 47.3%

Pack Size: 10kg

Further Information:

  • Quality Couverture Belgian Chocolate
  • Balanced Creamy Taste
  • Great for Cakes, Truffles, Enrobing, Praline and fillings


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Getting Started with Ruby Chocolate.
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