Léonce Blanc Passion Fruit Puree 1kg

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Léonce Blanc purees have been uniquely adapted to maintain a consistent and adequate texture for recipes, whilst retaining the fruit’s natural flavours.

In 1892 French food enthusiast, Leonce Blanc found a way to preserve the abundant fruit of the Correze region in a way that enhanced its taste, colour and character. The approach he developed, based on the gentle processing of perfectly ripe fruit, remains unique to this day and results in intense, vibrant fruit purees. 

Further Information:

 Ready-to-use Passion Fruit Puree 1kg. Store at room temperature or freeze

• Leonce Blanc's unique process brings out an intense taste and colour 

• A natural product free from artificial flavouring, colours and preservatives

• Easy to pour pouch with a screw cap

• Perfect as a topping, filling or flavouring for desserts, baked goods, ice cream, cocktails or smoothies