SOSA- Ultratex 3 Thickening Agent 400g

0.4 kg

SOSA Ultratex 3 is a thickening agent which allows you to thicken sauces and purees without heating, thus you retain both flavour & colour. The finished product can be dried into a thin crispy sheet.

Gluten-free, multi-functional, highly dispersible, instant thickening starch for use in both hot and cold applications. Ultratex 3 is an extremely versatile, high performing, thickening starch. It can be applied to both hot and cold liquid preparations which is tasteless, colourless and gluten-free. Suitable for Vegans

Product Information:

  • Ultratex is a modified tapioca starch

  • Fine powder format with a neutral taste

  • Use to thicken all kinds of sauces, purees, toppings and bakery mixes